UNESCO Sites in Malta & Gozo

Photos of Streets in Malta

Photos of Streets and alleys in Malta and Gozo. Ancient cities and fortified urban design make most Maltese cities a web of tiny streets and …

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Photos of Malta by Night

Photos of Malta by Night. Malta is a magnificent place to be photographed by night. All the lights and the colors melt together with the …

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Photos of Castles in Malta

Photos of Fortresses and Castles in Malta. Being Malta itself a country that suffered several invasions, protecting the island and building fortresses around the cities …

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Relax at blue lagoon - Comino, Malta

Photos of Beaches in Malta

Photos of Beaches and Coast line in Malta. Malta archipelago offers fascinating Mediterranean Sea views, turquoise color waters, great beaches and nice coast line. The …

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cultural scene in Valletta

Photos of Architecture in Malta

Photos of Architecture in Malta. Architecture in Malta is amazing, and its special characteristic is the limestone buildings. Malta’s Limestone Heritage is something preserved in …

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Travel by Bus in Malta

Photos of Buses in Malta

Photos of Maltese Buses. One of the most interesting things concerning transportation in Malta are definitely the excellent collection of classic buses, either in orange …

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